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The Sonic Journey Experience (Sound Healing Experience & Guide)



Sound Healing or a Sound therapy undoubtedly helps with stress reduction. Sound healing has been around in ancient shamanic cultures for centuries. And it has finally been proven by science to assist your system to get into harmony with itself and align with the health and wellness that we desire. Our biological system goes towards harmony, in fact, it seeks it. Did you know that most diseases, illnesses and addictions are caused by stress? And stress causes disharmony - Stress causes Dis-Ease.     


Unfortunately, our culture today fosters disharmony instead of harmony. It actually fosters dis-ease.  Our western world actually entices us to become MORE stressed out and disconnected. Look at our news and media, it urges us to feel fear, constantly compare ourselves with ridiculous Hollywood standards, shows us there is a pill for everything while also telling us we have to keep up with the Joneses; who are most likely more dysfunctional than you- They just hide it better. 


Just look at the ads out there today most of them are promoting how to get rich! Money doesn’t fill the void. Yes it makes it easier to live by buying things and experiences but do you really believe it makes people authentically happy? I know a lot of wealthy people who are actually miserable inside.


Happiness is an inside job it is a vibrational issue, just watch the story of Aladdin, it is a classic for a reason.


Unfortunately, due to our current society the majority of folks are now ending up feeling empty, sick and tired. Our health suffers, our relationships suffer and the peace and joy that we all seek eludes us. 


But what if there was another way? What if healing and wholeness isn’t a matter of taking yet another pill or spending hours at the gym or on the yoga mat. What if Joy doesn’t come from trying so hard to be someone you are not. What if the peace we are all seeking has been right there all along locked away like a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered.

What if the answer is in Alignment, and you don’t have to spend lots of money and years to find it. You would just need a bit of courage to go and find the jewel.


What I mean by alignment is being aligned to who you truly are, the space where your body, mind and soul are in agreement with each other and therefore in Harmony. What if it is as simple as finding your home vibration or soul signature and allowing the Symphony of your Soul to take flight. 


You will know when you are in alignment because you will feel EASE, you will feel FREE, you will FLOW and your inner world will be in JOY. You will also be non dependent on anything outside of you. Your FB likes won’t matter, the car you drive won’t define you, your one glass of wine a day won’t be a necessity; you will be aligned to your soul and your soul will fill you. The attachment to the physical plane actually lessens and you become more free and more connected to your truth.


MY JOURNEY Within through trauma, pain and suffering.

I know this very well because for so many years I was not in alignment with myself. I was in a very unhealthy marriage, I was dealing with a chronic and fatal illness, I had multiple miscarriages, a career that was very stressful, I was hit by my own car, my house was robbed, and I lost my life’s savings due to not protecting myself the way I deserved to be protected. In the end, all these situations and experiences showed me that I was disconnected from myself. I was out of alignment with my true nature.

 In 2010 when I was in a wheelchair due to an accident, I was at rock bottom. My heart was so sad for so many reasons. I knew at that point about metaphysics and spirituality as I had been studying them for years; partially to try to understand my life’s journey but also because it gave me a way to escape my then current mess of a life. I was highly educated, intelligent, strong willed and talented woman, why did my life seem to incur so many struggles? 

The answer was that I wasn’t living and standing in my truth. In fact, I didn’t even know what my truth was. I just knew that my heart was deeply sad. 

I then set out to find the truth of my soul through music, vibration and energy. That was when The Sonic Journey Experience was created.






I put my knowledge of music from 25 years of training, a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Music with post masters study in sound therapy together together with my passion for energy, vibration and love for humanity and composed a sound journey that would help to change my life. 


As someone who has dealt with significant trauma I understand how it feels to be at the bottom. But I also know how it is to feel at ease, joyful and free. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and come into alignment with who we truly are. The Sonic Journey Experience helped me and it can help you too. You are just weeks away to a shift in reality a higher state of being and getting into alignment with YOU.

The Sonic Journey Experience is a gentle guide to your soul. It is a sound bath and vibrational entrainment like no other and you listen to in the comfort of your own bedroom.  Your vibration will be uplifted through high vibrational sound, energy and my loving intention for you. 

And there is more, for 45 minutes a few times a week you are invited to relax and flow with spirit while you:


  • Connect with your own energy centers.

  • Tap into your subconscious mind through brainwave entrainment.

  • Release blocked energy with Bilateral and EMDR music. 

  • Unlock your intuitive gifts. 

  • Manifest miracles.

  • Feel what alignment actually “feels” like.

  • Transcend limited thinking and connect to cosmic consciousness
  • Reprogram your life for a bright, beautiful and authentic future.

  • Authentically connect to your soul. 

  • FREE Support Guide PDF Download below!

And make a new friend who actually cares about your well being. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE my friends.


I am only charging $20.00 for this life changing sound and energetic experience of The Sonic Journey Experience I know the value is much much higher due to my education, life experience and teaching over 17,000 students, however I wanted to you be able to purchase this TOTAL SOUND AND ENERGY IMMERSION right away without delay so you can listen tonight and feel your soul and heart expand in new ways.


The price will be going up next month and The Sonic Journey Experience is not available on Spotify or Youtube. 


Enchanted Songstress
"This enchanted songstress has elevated my soul's perception of love and beauty. This Sonic Journey & guided meditation with it's high vibrational selected frequencies and Aurelia's toning have brought me to a more clear awareness of life and love's potential.
Simply put, her angelic voice and her musical/ spiritual prowess encourages the listener to trust this profound sound journey.
Each and every time one listens it carries the participant one step closer to the mystery within" Listener 

Her music "bathes the listener in waves of profoundly healing sound. To listen to this gorgeous recording is a magnificent gift to your soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough
Sonia Choquette (New York Times Best-Selling author of "The Answer is Simple" & "Love Yourself Live Your Spirit"


"Magical, Mysterious, Romantic and Haunting, AURELIA'S music reflects the depth of her soul's profound journey through this precious lifetime and her graceful skillPaul Avgerinos  (Grammy award winning Composer, Artist and Producer)


"If there was a heaven that is where she took me" Newtown Yoga Festival Participant


"I stumbled upon Aurélia through her insanely celestial music on Spotify.
Just take a deep breath and be ready to be lifted up. The compositions of her voice and music are gifts to be inhaled deeply and have the ability to lighten up the heaviest darkness. Nurturing, accessible divinity. Hugs straight from heaven" (Step into the Power of your Voice) Workshop Participant


DOWNLOAD Listen to The Sonic Journey Experience  for only $20 and the FREE support guide below and listen 3-5 times per week for 6 weeks and raise your Vibration starting today!



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