Aurélia previously known as Jennifer Zulli is an internationally known new age recording artist, award winning composer, singer, sound/energy healer and teacher.  She is the Founder and Director of SOUND (Center for Creative Expression and Conscious Education) in a sacred historic 1840s chapel. The space and center is dedicated to offering education, support, and community for individual and collective growth in our conscious evolution. 



is the first single off SEASONS

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"Love is Love” is the first single and video released off the highly anticipated interactive 2018 LP “SEASONS” from award winning new age composer, singer, sound/energy healer and teacher Aurélia, previously known as Jennifer Zulli.

Combining piano, her "signature healing voice" and powerful orchestration, Love is Love was recorded in the harmonic of light frequency, and is based on geometric and mathematical patterns found in nature and the planets. Because of this, this album's frequency  'speaks' or 'resonates' directly with our cells. 432 Hz vibrates on the principles of natural harmonics and is the natural keynote in the universe. It unifies the properties of light, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, our DNA and consciousness. It is the frequency not of the mind or ego, but of the heart




Her 2014 release GODDESS RISING recorded in 432 hz includes healing and sacred texts, solfeggio tones and a high infusion of light and reiki energy. Used in many healing centers, spas, yoga and retreat centers to heal and uplift the vibration, Goddess Rising was written and created to honor the shifting of consiousness and the Divine Feminine within us all.                           


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"Goddess Rising bathes the listener in waves of profoundly healing sound. To listen to this gorgeous recording is a magnificent gift to your soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough" Sonia Choquette (New York Times Best-Selling author of "The Answer is Simple" & "Love Yourself Live Your Spirit"

"There are many kinds of doors in life, some open, some closed. Some are made of oak, alder or steel. But there are other kinds of doors too. These just might be the hardest to open. They are doors of the spirit, the heart, the soul and the mind. These doors are often closed because we are afraid to knock and enter. We fear the other side. Not Aurélia (Jennifer Zulli). She has opened many doors in her life and she is brave enough to share her set of keys through her music"  RJ Lannan (Zone Music Reporter)

"Magical, Mysterious, Romantic and Haunting, Jennifer Zulli's music reflects the depth of her soul's profound journey through this precious lifetime and her graceful skill" Paul Avgerinos  (Grammy award winning Composer, Artist and Producer)

"If there was a heaven that is where she took me" Newtown Yoga Festival Participant

Aureliaslight's highly anticipated 4th album SEASONS will be released September 2017!

Sacred sounds, healing mantras and a tribal earthy infusion intertwined in this 12 song cycle to celebrate the Seasons. 


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Jennifer Zulli: Earth Lullaby
Jennifer Zulli: Opening
Jennifer Zulli: Goddess Rising