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Sound Bath / Class - Workshop

Sound Bath / Class


Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath

At a cellular level, we are 75% water. As the vibrations of sounds waves particularly the Tibetan singing bowls pass over our body (which is why it is also known as a sound bath), our brain waves go from Beta (Alpha in between) Theta, and sometimes, if we go deep enough, to Delta. Our normal waking consciousness corresponds to the Beta state. The feeling of relaxation and concentration is linked to the Alpha state. Then we go into Theta state (5-7Hertz), which is associated with Rapid Eye Movement and the release of muscular spasms and energetic blockages. Delta state (0.5-4Hertz) can also be achieved through prolonged playing of the singing bowls, emitting extremely low vibrations associated with deep sleep and other unconscious states. In just 40 minutes, our bodies go through these different brain states. leaving people feeling more relaxed, in less pain, and fully rejuvenated. Many experiencing these sessions say they are able to release aches and pains, emotional blockages and others say they felt like they went to a state of deep peace.


Whatever experience is had, people leave in a better state of being, ready to spread compassion to those around them.


Facilitator Jennifer Aurelia M.S.

Music Educator, Sound Therapist, Usui Reiki Master and Recording Artist

Founder of SOUND

Price $30 preregistration

$35 at the door

Aureliaslight Studio of Music & SOUND



Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony & SOUND Bath -

Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony & SOUND Bath



 Thursday December 19th at 7pm-8:15


The winter solstice is one of the most magical nights of the year. In the northern hemisphere it falls in December and marks the time of equal night and equal day. Celebrated historically by the pagans it represents the time to celebrate the Moon the Goddess and her Birth of the Sun God. If you look even further it is symbolic for the birth of Jesus and the Christ within us as we are not separate from the source of light. The winter is a time for inward reflection, renewal and reflection as to allow space for rebirth. The solstice is tied to our own personal spiritual awakening. 

Join me as I lead an intimate cacao ceremony and candlelight sound bath to celebrate and honor the Winter Solstice or Yule. 

We will start promptly at 7pm with a special cacao elixir blend infused with sacred sound to open the heart space and guided meditation to invoke the light within with toning to amplify the effects of the vibration. A powerful sound bath with sacred sounds will follow to seal your intention as we enter the new season of light. $40.00 PP 
Step into the Power of Your Voice - 4 Week Class Series (Live)

Step into the Power of Your Voice

4 Week Class Series (Live)

Step into the Power of your VOICE with Vocal Coach and Award Winning Recording Artist and Composer Aureliaslight.

“Unbelievable, transcendental experience in discovering the power of my own voice and the co- creative power of a group. Such an EXPANSIVE growth opportunity!” K.O.  (Power of your Voice Class Participant)

“It is like I am high on SOUND”  B.A (participant)

Learn how to tap into your own sacred instrument (Your voice) and use it as a tuning fork to bring more Energy, Alignment and Creative Power into your life. In this series you will be introduced to the endless benefits of singing alone and with a group. No vocal experience is necessary to participate in this transformative class.

Did you know that singing is a natural antidepressant, lowers stress levels and strengthens our immune systems? The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits are endless, and those benefits are amplified within a supportive group setting. Did you ever wonder why every church, temple and sacred institution has a choir? It brings us closer to the GOD force or source energy.

We are made of energy, we are vibrational patterns that produce sound and light and music (manipulating sound) is the highest art form of moving this energy. When we tap into this sacred magic with pure intention we tap into unlimited potential.

Using sound and words we can experience deep states of transcendent bliss, higher awareness, health, wellness and a greater creative force to support us on our journey.

In this 4 week series you will:

  • Learn simple vocal techniques and exercises with a unique system created by vocal coach, choir director and teacher Aurélia.

  • Be introduced to Basic Toning to connect with your body and energy centers.

  • Learn Different Chants and Mantras from around the world, how and why they are used, And how they might fit into your active life.

  • Experience the powerful healing and meditative effects of sounding in a group.

  • Watch and learn how sound and words can raise your vibration FAST!

  • Introduced to moving and conducting energy in your physical body and energy field.

  • Learn to bend reality

  • Be introduced to balanced energetic exchange. Do you give to much? Experience the benefits of receiving.

  • Get out of your comfort zone have some fun and ENJOY & Witness how music and sound can create pure magic!

"Within the sound of your voice are the keys to innumerable worlds."

The Hathors

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath -

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath

Cacao Ceremony and SOUND Bath 
Activate your Heart
Tap into the Creative Flow 
and Access the Love  
already inside!

A Cacao ceremony is the medium between the physical body and the essence of love within. It helps us to communicate with ourselves on a deeper level.  It brings back the clarity and soberness to oneself. It helps to see life with the eyes of love and compassion for oneself and others. The SOUND Bath is held at the end of the ceremony as it infuses high vibrational and sacred sound waves to help move any stuck or stagnant energy and integrate the love vibration created. 

Explore and Connect to your Creative Self -

Explore and Connect to your Creative Self

Explore & Connect to your Creative Self
Cacao and Sacred Plants
Art, Music, Sound, Writing, Expression.
Email to find out more and to register for this private exclusive event
*limited to 8 participants*


Find the Song of your SOUL -

Find the Song of your SOUL

Find the Song of your Soul!
4 weeks of private creative expression session/class
For adults or children.
Learn to sing or play the piano or both in harmony with your own soul.
Forget about the books and old school structured ways. Feel into your intuitive expression and create your Own song. Private Classes will include but not be limited to:
  • Piano/Voice Fundamentals
  • How to connect to your Soul Urge when creating.
  • Learn to deal with negative self talk once and for all.
  • Creating, Feeling and Expressing the Truth
  • Finding your own Sound
No Prior Experience needed to create music!
4 weeks 30 minutes session in my home studio.
$200 for 5 PRIVATE classes.
Offer Valid until August 31st 2019
Summer Solstice Sound Bath and Drum Circle -

Summer Solstice Sound Bath and Drum Circle

Summer Solstice SOUND Bath
Thursday June 20th
Join Aureliaslight in celebrating the Summer Solstice or
Litha (The Season of the SUN) with an evening of drumming to ignite the Fire within with shamanic beats then into a sacred bath of Tibetan Singing bowls to relax, unwind and destress you.
We will attune to the sacral chakra (2nd) that represents creativity and the arts and the (3rd )our Solar Plexus Chakra which helps us to take action on our divine creative ideas!
This is a special event as it is a Solstice
So register early!
Bring Drums (we have some to borrow)
& a Yoga Mat
$30 per person at the door
Pre pay Now or Bring a friend and you Both Pay $25
This Event is at
Sticks and Stones Farm
197 Huntingtown Rd, Newtown, CT 06470
Music and Mindfulness Camp -

Music and Mindfulness Camp

Music & Mindfulness Camp
Monday- Friday
July 15-19th
Do your children Love music? Do they like to express themselves and connect with others that are like minded, artsy and above all sensitive? I love children and have worked with them for over 20 years, I love the way they light up when they find something that makes them feel free in a world that tries to conform them.
Music is a True gift of freedom.
Music is the only subject that teaches all subjects and connects us to pure source, if supported in the correct way.
~In this week long half day camp experience children 8-12 will be given the opportunity to:  
~Experience daily drum circles, Mind Body Movement, Sound bath to relax and Be in a supportive artistic community of kids
~Learn How sound can Energize and relax or destress us
~Connect with Nature and it’s music
~Compose their own musical pieces or soundscapes in groups
~Create Art
~Tea Time Jam- The children will be encouraged to perform their own music which builds confidence and camaraderie while honoring each other’s uniqueness on the last day.
*Iced Tea and Snacks included*
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
Music & Mindfulness Camp will be held at:
Sticks and Stones Camp
201 Huntingtown Road
Newtown, CT 06470
Bring Water Bottle and Lunch
Snack Provided
Walk the labyrinth
Email to find out more
Express the Goddess Within- Step into the Power of your Voice -

Express the Goddess Within- Step into the Power of your Voice

Step into the Power of Your Voice

Express the Goddess Within 

“Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we need to worry that we might have to make a choice between being heard and being loved.”

― Marianne Williamson

Join award winning recording artist, composer, teacher, choir director & vocal coach Aurélia in an incredibly empowering, healing and unique workshop.

If you are looking to express yourself, feel into your body and soul at the same time, find your truth while witnessing the power of your female voice, this workshop is for you. Created by Aurelia this one of a kind workshop stems from over twenty years of teaching voice, studying voice and sound as it relates to vibration and energy, and a passion for the healing and empowerment of women.

 In this workshop participants will be introduced to:

  • The anatomy of the voice and the fifth chakra Vishuddha  (the first of the three spiritual chakras),  and how it relates to the truth of our being.

  • Vocal Exercises, Breathing and Movement to tune into our feminine bodies and open the fifth chakra.

  • The Art of Toning, What is is and why it is a wonderful way to connect our body to our spiritual self daily

  • The benefits of Mantra or Chanting how the vibration can raise energy and create alignment. Learn to sing or chant the HIGHEST vibrational mantra and how you can use it for the rest of your life.

  • The healing benefits of singing in a group. This is reason why choir singers are healthy and happy.

And so much MORE!


“Unbelievable, transcendental experience in discovering the power of my own voice and the co- creative power of a group. Such an EXPANSIVE growth opportunity!” K.O.  (Power of your Voice Class Participant)

“It is like I am high on SOUND”  B.A (participant)



Sticks and Stones Farm

Newtown. CT 

197 Huntingtown Rd

Workshop Cost $45

Autumnal Equinox Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Sound Bath -

Autumnal Equinox Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Sound Bath


In pagan mythology, the equinox is called Mabon, or Second Harvest. It is a time to give thanks for the summer and to pay tribute to the coming darkness. 

Join Aureliaslight at the magical Sticks and Stones Farm and Retreat Center  for a uniquely inspired meditational journey for the Autumnal Equinox through the spirit of plant medicine and divine sound!

In a clear and sacred space, the journey begins with personal intentions, story and the heart opening power of ceremonial drinking cacao. We will briefly discuss the “Food of the Gods” and its healing properties as it prepares us to turn our gaze inwards for a short guided meditation. Recipients are then bathed in the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, frame drum, rattles and koshi chimes and singing. The Spirit of Cacao intensifies the sound journey with increased oxygen, awareness and the release of “bliss” chemicals within the body.

Recipients can reach a highly relaxed state of consciousness from the transcendental sounds, as the cacao helps to allow the energetic process to unfold with connections to sensations, emotions and the feeling of expansion… This higher state is where your own innate healing abilities are able to work more effectively to bring you back into optimal vibrational alignment!

Please bring a yoga mat, water, pillow, shawl/blanket and anything else to help you feel comfortable. No alcohol or other substances beforehand. Light meal 2-3 hours before (depending on sensitivity). Ages 16+.

*Limited to 14 guests for this special once a year event

Preregistration is required -$40pp 

*Contraindications: People with a major heart condition (increases heart rate 15-20%), those using anti-depressants/anti-psychotics (SSRI, MAOI), Pregnancy/Breastfeeding (smaller dosage should be taken). 

Cacao is bitter and may cause nausea which is why we serve 2-3oz (listen to your body). Water will be your friend before, during and after the ceremony. The more cacao you consume on a regular basis, the less you need.

Sticks and Stones Farm and Retreat Center Newtown CT



October Sacred Sound Bath- Cutting the Chords to the Past -

October Sacred Sound Bath- Cutting the Chords to the Past

As we move into the time where letting go is vital for our health and well being, join us once again for our monthly sound bath at the magical Sticks and Stones Farm on Thursday October 17th 2019 at 7pm.
This month the theme for our October sound bath will focus on cutting the chords of the past.
This will include a native american prayer or chant to invoke the spirit and a special tea blend.
Please register early to ensure your space for this event.
$25 prepay $30 at the door
Bring a Yoga Mat, Blanket and wear comfortable clothes.

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